Joining the Powerflow Exhausts Family
If you are looking to join a well-knitted family of franchisees, then we are the right people for you. We have extensive knowledge in the specialist, custom build exhaust industry. Our franchisees are provided with the highest quality products, universal silencers, tubing and tailpipes that comply with International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001). This combined with well-trained fitter specialists ensures that our customers receive excellent service

Buying a Powerflow Exhausts franchise can have a number of advantages for the right person. Provided the franchisee is motivated, enthusiastic and has a passion for cars they should experience a successful and motivating relationship with the Powerflow family. As with any business venture, ultimately success will depend on your performance as a franchisee, always realising that you are in business for your self but not by your self.
The key element of the arrangement is the agreed standards and procedures for the Powerflow Exhausts franchisee, as listed in the franchise Operations Manual. The franchisee is required to conduct the business in accordance with these agreed standards.

If you are thinking of buying or starting a business, and are looking in the automotive industry, Powerflow Exhausts is the franchise to choose, as we are the exhausts specialists in the market.

When looking into joining the Powerflow Exhaust family one should not overlook our proven business concept that can be introduced into an existing business under an authorised dealership agreement or as a fully fledged franchise operation under our franchise agreement. Hence a lower risk factor since the entrepreneurial concept is already well developed and tested. Greater numbers of businesses are turning to franchising in efforts to access new and existing markets. Statistically, franchising is the least risky way of getting into your own business. Surveys have shown that more than 85% of non-franchising start-up businesses will fail in their first year of operation. In the long term, franchise businesses fare better than non-franchise businesses as well. Ten years on, more than 90% of non-franchise businesses will have failed. As a Powerflow Exhausts franchisee we are looking for the hardworking entrepreneur who can work within the discipline of a tried and proven system and can thrive on the creative support of others in the Powerflow Exhausts franchise family.

The process that is called business format franchising. In business format franchising, the franchisor (ETC Components PTY (LTD) grants a Powerflow Exhausts franchise to you, to trade under Powerflow Exhausts trade name or trade mark and to make use of an entire business system with continued support on an agreed basis. The person who is granted the franchise, and pays a lump sum and no royalties to obtain it, is known as the franchisee. The key element of the arrangement is the agreed standards and procedures for the franchise, as listed in the franchise Operations Manual. The franchisee is required to conduct the business in accordance with these agreed standards and procedures, which set out the marketing, business and technical plan or system of ETC Components PTY (LTD).

Powerflow Exhausts offers both a franchisee package for the entrepreneur wishing to start up a new business as well as an authorised dealership package for already existing businesses wishing to add a proven marketing concept to their existing business

Here is the very easy and informative way of opening your very own Powerflow Exhausts store:

Steps to owning a Powerflow Exhausts Franchise:

  1. You need to have a site or area where you would like to open a Powerflow franchise.
  2. You need to have a minimum of 50% unencumbered income available, and an approved financial plan from a financial institution, on the balance to be financed for the set up costs
  3. Contact Long life Exhaust and Tube/ Powerflow Exhausts Head Office to discuss acquiring a franchise (The above two points need to be in place) 031 563 2255.
  4. Complete the application form (found on this page below the main banner on your right) and submit to Powerflow Exhausts Head Office. A credit check will be done at this stage.
  5. Acceptance will be granted / rejected on information supplied in the application form and the credit check.
  6. Submit a business plan and budgeted turnover/expenses.
  7. If more than one applicant is considered for a particular area, then Head Office reserves the right to allocate the franchise to the best-suited applicant.
  8. Once site has been secured, all legal documents to be signed such as Franchise Agreement, Lease Agreement,
    (Opening stock value and Franchise Fee is now due.)
  9. Powerflow Exhausts Head Office will provide the new franchisee with details of the store layout, equipment requirements and shop fitting.
  10. Training of all staff must be completed prior to opening of the store. Powerflow has its own in store training program.
  11. Where courses have been scheduled, travelling costs and accommodation are for the Franchisees account.
  12. On opening, advertising and promotions will be done with franchisee. Plan opening specials and promotions (Adverts in local papers, pamphlets, etc.)

Franchise Application Form

Date of birth:
Industry experience: Yes No
Number of years experience:
Owner operated: Yes No
Possible site: Yes No
Unencumbered cash: Yes No
Access to credit facility: Yes No
Area of interest (geographic):